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A MAZE. goes Havana!

A short note by Thorsten S. Wiedemann, founder and director of A MAZE.

Thanks to the great enthusiasm, planning and support of Olivia Solis, Daniel Cruces-Perez and Rodolfo Peraza we are making our first steps of producing A MAZE. / Havana 2018.

A MAZE. is known for a great number of festivals and pop ups in South Africa, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Kosovo, Palestine, Brasil and the United Arab Emirates. Our goals are always to activate the independent local game scene, motivate them to build a community, finding talents and making their work and existing scene visible to the world-wide spread community and the hungry international press.

Beside the mothership A MAZE. / Berlin, A MAZE. / Johannesburg was build from scratch in 2011/12 and kicked off with the great financial support of Goethe-Institut Johannesburg in September 2012. Now it is annual platform of professional exchange for african and european game developers/ digital playful artists. All this wouldn’t be possible without partners like Wits Digital Art Department, European Union in South Africa, Institute Français, British Council, Pro Helvetia, Goethe-Institut and sponsors like Unity, Microsoft and Mailchimp who believe in the uniting A MAZE. vision. Part of Fak’ugesi – Africa Digital Innovation Festival, the City of Johannesburg is funding A MAZE. since 2015, which is a huge step for further game development in the city and outside Johannesburg. A MAZE. has set the pillars and built that brigde developers from South Africa and Sub Sahara Africa are make them move and not feeling cut of them the rest of the world. They do have their own festival, can cultivate their own community and independent industry. People are now moving back and forth and bringing diversity to game festival and conferences. They are giving new perspectives, articualting new needs, and their games with different cultural backgrounds entering finally the western market. I’m very happy about the impact we are creating with A MAZE. and that’s why I like to move on with this agenda and go to Cuba.

I will stay for the next two weeks in Cuba, most of the time in Havana to learn beside meetings, evaluating infrastructure and common rules, more about the local digital movement and the existing game culture in order to create an amazing A MAZE. / Havana 2018.

Also we are organzing a playsession with selected games from the last A MAZE. editons and the first Game Jam Havana on February 24, 2017 in partnership with Fanguito Estudio.

#postivechaos moves on!

Some pics!

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