June 29, 2015 admin


VR Hole is a web-based application that takes advantage of the WebGL context in the canvas element of HTML5 to create and render both, scenes and the new capabilities of the modern browsers on the use of some external devices such as Oculus Rift, Leap Motion and Gamepads.

For 3D programming, we use a framework that is by far the best one that can be found on the network: THREE.JS. This is a free software under the MIT license. It has a very complete set of Math functions with almost everything you need to calculate in 3D programming. It wraps the WebGL context, making the process of software development easy and smooth. For DOM access, control and styling, we use jQuery and Bootstrap.

The application consists of the Javascript class ‘Editor’ (inside the file Editor.js), which is the main controller. It has control of the objects created and rendered on the viewport and the User Interface functions. This “Editor” also sends the signals to the model classes for loading data files or accessing the database.

This is the basic structure. As complement for this classes, there are some imported libraries from the THREE.JS community and the main branches along with other developed inside of MALLA-NET, covering features like physics (physijs), cinematic (cinematic.js, tween.js), particle systems, twitter API control, etc.

Try VR-Hole app: http://studio.vrhole.net/